1st Online conference


March 11, 2021

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Last Thursday 25th of February we held our first online seminar, sponsored by our most esteemed member VALAR SECURITIES.

The objective of this event was to explore and discuss bilateral trade opportunities between Spain and Malta.

Her Excellency Ms. Consuelo Femenía, Spanish Ambassador to Malta and Honorary President of the MSCC, welcomed all participants and thanked the speakers for their time and kind contribution.

The director of the Spanish Economic and Trade Office in Rome, Mr. Borja Reginfo, offered quite an encouraging and reassuring overview in regards to the economic situation in Europe in spite of the pandemic. He pointed out the fact that Europe is making a huge effort to leave the crisis behind and that the Union will continue to work hard throughout the coming years with one main objective in mind: to encourage and improve bilateral trade between European countries.

Mr. Reginfo informed us that, to date, there are 47 Spanish companies registered in Malta.

Mr. Mario Galea, President of the National Foreign Direct Investment Screening Office, the second of our speakers, underlined the importance of Research and Economic and Business Relationships, and suggested the close cooperation between educational and professional institutions between Malta and Spain.

Mr. Galea also felt the need to mention that, as he sees it, it is small and medium sized companies that drive the Maltese economy, adding further that it is of paramount importance to establish tighter trade relationships with Africa.

Mr. Botella, President of the Maltese Spanish Chamber of Commerce wrapped up the seminar thanking the speakers and the participants before encouraging them all to play an active role in the Chamber.